Some of you may think these, ” how hard is it to pivot? ” or ” this is so freakin’ hard how the hell do they do it “. Pivoting requires patience. If you don’t have patience, well, go to the kitchen and bake me muffins, get a job, or go to the mountains and plant “camote” . So here are the rankings or steps or, things you go through in pivot:

1. The noob. You’re just new to pivot- starting out and experimenting things. This is how it will look like in the first 1-2 weeks.Rough and edgy.

2.The Medium. You’re starting to get the hang of things. You follow the basics. But there are still a lot of things to learn about. Like when the person moves his leg while at the same time punches. You are starting to learn how to ease the stick.Happens in your 3-4th week of pivoting.

3.The semi-pro. You started to kick it up a notch.You know how to move the feet, the body and the hand at the same time. This happens in your second month and third month of using pivot.

4.The Pivot Master. You mastered easing, moving all the body parts at the same time, AND making stick people look really realistic. Now all you have to do is make fight scenes, doing all kinds of stuff using pivot! You’ll probably end up like this in your 4th month of pivoting.

If you get bored with pivot, you can try something 10x more challenging! Flash 8 is another application that allows you to make stick figure animations. But instead of moving the sticks you DRAW sticks frame by frame. Up to you!